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Introduction to Integral Calculator With Steps

An Integral Calculator is a free online tool that is used to evaluate the definite, indefinite integral of a given function. Our integration calculator makes the calculations faster and gives the required solution of integral function in a fraction of a second.

integral calculator with steps

This is an advanced-level tool that provides solutions in the form of steps that will help you to better understand the integral online. It is an online tool that evaluates the integral of a given function with respect to a variable. With that integral solver one also calculates both the definite as well as indefinite integral of the given function.

What are Integrals?

In Calculus, the most fundamental concepts are limits, continuity, derivatives, and integrals. Integrals can be defined as the calculation of area under the curve. An integral is a reverse process of finding the derivative. An integral is used to define a function of volume, area, displacement, and even probability. Integral is an inverse function of derivative, it is referred to as antiderivative.

The integrals are classified into two different types.

Definite Integral

The definite integral is a fundamental concept in calculus that has limits named upper and lower limits. It provides you area between the graph of a function and the x-axis in a specific interval. Mathematically, It is denoted as:

$$ \int_a^b f(x) dx $$

Definite integral may also use to evaluate distance traveled, area enclosed by a curve or total accumulated value. integration calculator definite simplifies this process of evaluating definite integrals in no time. You can input your function and specify upper and lower bound of integration to get accurate results.

Indefinite Integrals

The indefinite integrals do not have upper and lower limits. It has a constant integration.The indefinite integral, frequently calculated using an integral calculator indefinite, denotes the primitive function of a given function without definite upper or lower limits. It produces a set of functions that vary only by a constant, encompassing all potential solutions to the primitive function.

$$ \int f(x) dx \;=\; F(x)+c $$

How to Use an Integration Calculator?

This advanced integral calculator simplifies both definite and indefinite integrals in a multiple-variables function. Our tool shows the solution of integration in steps that give a deep knowledge of integral concepts.

The antiderivative tool provides an easy-to-use environment to solve complicated problems in a fraction of a second when you follow given steps.

Step 1:

Choose the integral type, either you wish to integrate online definite or indefinite integrals

Step 2:

Enter the integral function f(x) in the input field of our tool.

Step 3:

Enter the upper limit and lower limit values if a function is definite

Step 4:

Hit the “Calculate” button to get a solution in detail process

Step 5:

Click on the “Recalculate” button to do more calculations for integration online.

Additionally, Our integral calculator helps to solve integrals, primarily single-variable integrals, quickly and accurately. If you would finding the original function when the derivative is known and to solve indefinite integrals, utilize our anti derivatives calculator which plays a fundamental role in various fields of science, engineering, and mathematics, serving as a basis for solving differential equations, calculating areas under curves, and analyzing rates of change.

Principle Behind Our integral calculator

Integration calculator is the best online mathematical tool that simplifies any kind of integral function. If you want to solve antidifferentiation problems manually then you first need to know about simple antiderivative calculation.

After that you should grip over both definite and indefinite problems. It is a hard and time-consuming process for integral calculation, especially for beginners.

That is why we introduce our integration online tool which can solve all types of integral problems. Either you wish to solve double integral or a triple integral, this second integral calculator will be here to help you out.

It has all integration rules installed which mean it can solve complex functions by providing a simplified result of Integral.

When you enter an indefinite integral function in the calculator it gives a solution in the form of F(x)+C, where C is an arbitrary constant.

To use our integration solver you just enter your particular function and get instant results.


Let us resolve a couple of examples of definite and indefinite in the integral solver to clarify integral concepts!

Example: Evaluate the following definite integral with steps:

$$ \int_0^1 (3x^2+x-1) dx $$


First of all, we need to integrate online for indefinite integral, the possible steps will be

$$ \int (3x^2+x-1) dx $$ $$ =\; x \Biggr( x^2 + \frac{x}{2} - 1 \Biggr) $$

According to the fundamental theorem of integration

$$ \int a^b F(x) dx \;=\; f(b) - f(a) $$ $$ =\; \Biggr( x \Biggr( x^2 + \frac{x}{2} - 1 \Biggr) \Biggr) \Biggr|_{x=1} \;=\; \frac{1}{2} $$ $$ =\; \Biggr( x \Biggr( x^2 + \frac{x}{2} - 1 \Biggr) \Biggr) \Biggr|_{x=0} \;=\; 0 $$ $$ \int_0^1 (3x^2+x-1) dx $$ $$ \Biggr( x \Biggr( x^2 + \frac{x}{2} - 1 \Biggr) \Biggr) \Biggr|_{x=1} \;-\; \Biggr( x \Biggr( x^2 + \frac{x}{2} - 1 \Biggr) \Biggr) \Biggr|_{x=0} $$ $$ \frac{1}{2} $$

Thus it is the final solution of our function with specific limits. If one or both limits are finite then you can try improper integrals calculator. Improper integrals are typically resolved by taking limits as the interval approaches infinity or by splitting the integral into finite parts.

Example: Evaluate the integral with steps given as below:

$$ \int (9x^2 + 3) dx $$


$$ \int (9x^2 + 3) dx \;=\; \int 9x^2 dx \;+\; \int 3 dx $$ $$ \int (9x^2 + 3) dx \;=\; 9 \frac{x^3}{3} \;+\; 3x $$ $$ \int (9x^2 + 3) dx \;=\; \frac{9x^3}{3} \;+\; 3x \;+\; C $$

This is the final result of your integral function. If you take integral again and again of this function, it will provide result upto triple integration. But for reducing complexicity, tripple integral calculator will be there to provide you assistance.

Why to Utilize Integral Calculator With Steps?

Integral solver with steps is the best online tool for the calculation of complex integral functions either definite or indefinite within a minute.

It will give precise results as all integral rules are built into its server which helps a user to get an error-free solution.

Integration solver allows you to get a stronghold on the concept of integral questions without spending too much time on manual calculation. With that, it provides the results of a given problem in detail which further give a deep knowledge of integral concepts.

It is very helpful for students or beginners who do not know about antidifferentiation functions and want to get experts in integral concepts.

Integration has many applications in the mathematics field to find the area, displacement, velocity, center of center work done, etc.

Advantages of Integral Solver

Our mathematical integral online tool can solve various types of functions because you can do unlimited calculations. It is the most beneficial apparatus for practicing integral calculations.

Our specialized line integral calculator offers a convenient solution for more advanced applications involving integrals over curves or paths in vector fields, such as line integrals.

  1. This calculator has a simple design that provides a user-friendly environment for users.
  2. It gives error-free calculation, which means you get accurate results.
  3. The calculator can handle all types of integral functions.
  4. It provides step-by-step solutions, which help a user to get deep knowledge of integrals.
  5. You simply enter the function and the rest of the work will be done by the calculator automatically.
  6. The integral calculator is a free online available tool.

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