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Introduction to the Integral Calculator

The general integrals solver is an online tool that is used to calculate the major concepts of integrals and integration. This calculator integral helps to calculate the area under the curve. This calculator can function with the help of some simple clicks. The integral function is very easy to use and can be easily understood. The steps mentioned here are very understandable.

It gives the proper results after doing calculations. It will help you find the integrals step by step and make them easier to learn. The best property of integral solver with steps is that it is free of cost, easy to use, and gives you accurate results.

What is Online Integral Calculator with Steps?

The word integral is used in integration to designate a number to a function. The word integral is belonging to the integration of calculus. The integral is a function, whose derivative is its function. Finding areas of any two-dimensional objects or the volumes of three-dimensional objects. So, it is stated as finding the integrals of any function concerning the y-axis means finding the area concerning the y-axis and vice versa.

what is integral calculator

The general integrals calculator does the same job. It evaluates the integral function to give you the results accurately and quickly. By doing some smart clicks one can get the required results. It also designates a number to a function which is known as an integral.

On the other hand, the integral of complex function is called integration by partial fraction which we may calculate with partial fraction integration calculator.

Notation of Integral

The sign used to show integral is;

, This sign shows the integral of integration.

Formula used by the best integral calculator is:

The general formula for evaluating the integral is: $$ \int f'(x) dx \;=\; f(x) + C $$

f is the integral function
C is constant.

In case, if two different functions are multiplying under the integral, use by parts integration calculator which uses the formula of special method of integration.

let's take a look how the online integration calculator with steps use this formula to solve integration.

Example # 1: Consider we have a function:

$$ \int_0^4 3x dx $$


$$ \int_0^4 3x dx \;=\; 3 \int_0^4 x dx $$ $$ \int_0^4 3x dx \;=\; 3 \Biggr| \frac{x^2}{2} \Biggr|_0^4 $$ $$ \int_0^4 3x dx \;=\; 3 \Biggr[ \frac{4^2}{2} \;-\; \frac{0^2}{2} \Biggr] $$ $$ \int_0^4 3x dx \;=\; 40 $$

Example # 2: Consider we have a function:

$$ \int (5x^2 + 9) dx $$


$$ \int (5x^2 + 9) dx \;=\; \int 5x^2 dx \;+\; \int 9 dx $$ $$ \int (5x^2 + 9) dx \;=\; 5 \frac{x^3}{3} \;+\; 9x $$ $$ \int (5x^2 + 9) dx \;=\; \frac{5x^3}{3} \;+\; 9x \;+\; C $$

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Significance of Integral Calculator Show Steps

There are numerous significance of this calculator like it solves the integrals in no time. This calculator uses integration techniques to evaluate the integrals. The general integrals solver solves the function step by step and gives the integral answer appropriately. The results provided are appropriate, authentic and accurate.

The integration solver with steps provides the integrals of different functions. The online tool calculates complex problems and provides accurate and reliable results. There is no need to do large complex problems of calculus. You have to do some smart clicks to get the required solution.

Also try our multiple integral calculator to evaluate integral multiple times instantly.

How to Use Online Integration Calculator with Steps?

Calculus is the most difficult part of mathematics due to its complicated formulas and techniques. Especially, integration is so time taking and full of errors. So, to evaluate different techniques of calculus, there are specially designed calculators like long division integral calculator & many more.

These calculators help its user to get error-free results for long and complex problems of integration. The different online integration solvers provide the best reliable error-free results in no time. By using some small easy steps one can get the free solution from these online available integration tools. The use of the integrals calculator is important that it made calculations of integral easier. It saves time and energy which is being used while solving integration problems manually.

Steps to use Online Integration Solver:

By using the following simple steps one can easily get the solution to their desired complex problems.

Step 1: Put the Function

To evaluate the integrals, the first input you need to put in the integration solver with steps is the integrand function. This tool also offers "Examples" option. You can get example from there to calculate integral with step by step detailed solutions.

Step 2: Select the Variable

The best integral calculator with steps offers three different variables x,y,z. You can select the variable of your choice according to which you want to evaluate the integral step by step.

Step 3: Choose Definite/Indefinite Integral

This integration solver provides two different type of integral solving tools. You can select either definite integral or indefinite integral that you want to calculate.

  1. If you select the definite integral calculator with steps, you need to input the upper bound limit and lower bound limit in this online integral solver.
  2. If you select the indefinite integration solver, just hit the "CALCULATE" button to get the step by step evaluation of integrand.

Benefits of Using Complex Integration Calculator with Steps

In the era of high tech & machinery, manual calculations seem to be very hectic. Therefore, the best integral calculator has made the solution to solve the integrals with the help of this calculator. The online integral tool makes finding the integrals of different functions easier. It provides faster and easier solutions. The results are appropriate & reliable.

The complex integral calculator show steps is no doubt an excellent way for students to do their homework on exact date and time. Moreover, some basic benefits of this integral solver with steps are listed as:

  1. It safe your precious time-consuming in solving the integrals by hand.
  2. It also assists you in every step while using this integral solver.
  3. It is free of cost and gives the whole steps of the results step by step.
  4. This calculator also eases your calculation time and gives you authentic results.
  5. The integrals solver gives you results quickly within no time.

Reason to Choose this Integral Function Calculator?

The main reason to choose this calculator is that it has the best and easiest features to use. It gives accurate results of integrals within a short interval. It gives you authentic solutions. It gives step-by-step instructions to solve integral problems. And the results can easily be understood.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Integral of ex?

The integral of ex is ex + C. Where C represents the constants. And its symbolical representation is:

$$ \int e^x dx \;=\; e^x $$

You can get the solution of this type of tricky problems with our calculator integral online.

What is an Improper Integral?

The word improper in integration refers to infinity. The improper integral is the definite integral which may have or may not have infinite integral or poses integrand having undefined values such as infinity.

One can solve improper integral on this website by using our improper integral calculator with steps.

For Example

$$ \int_0^∞ f(x) dx \;=\; \lim \limits_{t \to ∞} \int_a^t f(x) dx $$ $$ \int_{-∞}^b f(x) dx \;=\; \lim \limits_{t \to -∞} \int_t^b f(x) dx $$ $$ \int_{-∞}^∞ f(x) dx \;=\; \lim \limits_{t \to -∞} \int_t^a f(x) dx \;+\; \lim \limits_{t \to ∞} \int_a^t f(x) dx $$

One can also perform such calculations online using this integral online calculator.

How do you Calculate the Integral of e(-x2)?

We don't calculate this integral as this is known as Reimann-Integrals. It does not have antiderivative so do not solve it down.

But can calculate integral online for Riemann integral, if we use this riemann sum limit calculator available on our calculator integral website.

what is the Integral of lnx?

The Integral of lnx may evaluate as:

$$ \int_1^e ln(x) dx \;=\; xln(x) - x \Biggr]_1^e $$ $$ =\; (e ln(e) - e) - (1 ln(1) - 1) $$ $$ (e-e) - (0-1) $$ $$ =\; 1 $$

On the other hand, if you find it hard to calculate, then calculate integral online via above tool.