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Introduction to the Definite Integral Calculator

The definite integration calculator is a free online tool that helps you to find an area enclosed in a graph in a bounded region. It is used to give the solution of the displacement and volume of the curve which has the upper and the lower limits in a fraction of a second.

definite integral calculator with steps

Our definite integral solver provides definite integrand results faster with minimal or even no mistakes. The integral calculator with bounds is very beneficial for calculus students and researchers who want to enhance their integral concepts.

So Definite Integral Calculator helps you to compute the definite Integration of single-variable functions. Additionally, if you need to evaluate double integrals, check out our multivariable integration calculator for computing integrals over two variables. This includes involves partitioning the region of integration into small pieces, usually rectangles, and summing up the contributions of the function within each piece.

What Is a Definite Integral?

In calculus, a definite integral is defined as the antiderivative of any function that contains upper and lower limits. Using the concept of definite integral, it becomes quite easy to evaluate area under curve by performing some simple calculations on our function. It is essential for solving problems in single variable calculus and various scientific disciplines.

It calculates the net area under the curve over the defined interval, essential for solving problems in calculus and various scientific disciplines.


Understanding definite integrals aids in analyzing rates of change, accumulation and optimization within continuous functions. But just parallel to definite integral, the concept from multivariable calculus may handle by line integral calculus. For complex multivariable calculation, you can go through line integral calculator with steps. The symbol for line integral is quite different than definite integral. It may be noted as: ∫C


On the other hand, the symbol used for a definite integral is ∫.

Formula used Behind Integral Calculator with Limits

Let's observe the formula of the definite integral that we utilize on definite integrals calculator for finding the result of finite limits.

$$ \int_a^b f(x)dx \;=\; F(b) - F(a) $$


f(x) is the function

d(x) is the smallest value of the graph

[a,b] is the limit of integrals

F(b) is the upper limit

F(a) is the lower limit of your given function.

For calculations involving improper integrals, you may use an divergent or convergent integral calculator to simplify the process.

Working Method of Definite Integration Calculator

The definite integral calculator allows you to calculate the definite integral problems and helps users to get clarity in antiderivative concepts. For this, It has built-in all integral formulas and rules in its server to solve all forms of definite functions like proper and improper integrals.

To get the solution from the integration calculator with limits first, you need to put the f(x) value to start the integration process. Our integral calculator with limits analyzes your given function to see which method (like integration by parts, substitution method, partial fraction, etc) is best suitable to get a definite integral solution.

After the integration process, the integral calculator with bounds applied the upper and the lower limit in F(x) and separated both the limits with minus signs like F(b)-F(a). In this way, this definite integration calculator works and gives precise solutions in no time.

You can solve various types of definite integral functions like polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric functions, etc

So definite calculator helps you calculate definite integral problems. Further, if you would like to evaluate both definite or indefinite integrals of a given function with respect to a variable at the same time, then use our solve integral online they are also fundamental in calculus and are used to solve a variety of problems in mathematics, physics, engineering, and other fields.

Example to Evaluate the Definite Integral

Let's evaluate the definite integral example as an input in a definite integral calculator, the result that we get is as follow:

Example: Calculate the definite integral for following function:

$$ \int_0^2 (3x+5)dx $$

Let's compute the following integral with bound. In the first step, we will seperate the sum term by term and factor out constant.

$$ =\; 3 \int_0^2 x dx + 5 \int_0^2 1 . dx $$

Now, we will apply the fundamental theorem of calculus, to solve it

$$ =\; \frac{3x^2}{2} \Bigr|_0^2 + 5 \int_0^2 1. dx $$

The same calculation will perform for second term i.e.

$$ =\; \frac{3x^2}{2} + 5x \Biggr|_0^2 $$

Now evaluate integral at the limits and subtract each

$$ \int_0^2 (3x+5)dx \;=\; 16 $$

Thus, it is the final solution of our function with specific limits. Whether you wish to handle both indefinite or definite integrals, our reverse derivative calculator will evaluate any antidifferentiation function. You only need to input the function and the integration bounds to get the result.

How to Use the Definite Integral Calculator with Steps?

Integral calculator with limits calculates a definite antiderivative function instantly if you follow some simple steps. These steps are:

  1. Enter the definite integral function that you want to integrate into the input box.
  2. Choose the respective variable from the given list (x,y,z).
  3. Enter the upper and lower limits in their respective field.
  4. Check your given function then click on the "Calculate" button to get a desired solution.
  5. Press the “Recalculate” button for more evaluation of definite integral problems.

Result Obtained in Definite Integral Solver

After putting the integral question in this definite integral calculator with steps you will get the solution like this:

  1. You get the definite integral result of your given problem.
  2. You can click on possible immediate steps of a definite integral solution in detail.
  3. Click on visual representation to get the plotted graph for better understanding.

If you're seeking to determine antiderivatives without specified boundaries, you can utilize our solve indefinite integral online for greater flexibility.

Advantages of Definite Integrals Calculator

Integration calculator with limits will give you tons of benefits when you use it for the evaluation of a definite integral quickly and easily. These benefits are enlisted below:

  • A integral calculator with bounds is easy to use tool which means anyone can access it easily without any trouble.
  • It saves time and effort during lengthy calculations of definite integral functions.
  • Our definite integral calculator simply gives solutions so that you will get clarity on integral concepts.
  • It is a reliable tool as it gives a detailed explanation of the solution.
  • You do not need to use it with any subscription fee.
  • It uses advanced algorithms to ensure you can get precise results of definite integrals.
  • Definite integration calculator can handle a wide range of functions from complex to simple ones.

While taking advantage from our calculator, you can also get much more benefits of complex triple integral calculation with the help of integral triple calculator. Not only this tool will solve your problem, but also gives you step by step explanation and visual graphs.


Definite integral calculator is simply a designed tool to calculate various types of definite antiderivative functions. It gives a 100% accurate solution step by step every time whenever you give an input function to evaluate the definite integral.

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