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Introduction to Integration by Partial Fractions Calculator

The partial integration calculator is a free online tool that is used to find integral problems of rational algebraic expression. It evaluates the antiderivative function where the degree of the numerator is higher than the degree of the denominator expression.

An Integration by Partial Fractions Calculator is a tool designed to assist in the process of integrating rational functions by decomposing them into simpler fractions. This technique, known as integration by partial fractions, is commonly employed in calculus when integrating functions that are expressed as a ratio of polynomials.

integration by partial fractions calculator

Our Calculator is a valuable tool for solving integrals involving rational functions. By automating the process of decomposition and integration, it enhances efficiency, accuracy, and understanding of calculus concepts. Additionally, after decomposing a rational function into partial fractions, you may also use our u-sub calculator to simplify the resulting integrals further. Our calculator also provides a solution of the complex integral using the u-substitution method. You do not need to do lengthy calculations while calculating these types of integral questions in no time.

What is Integration by Fraction?

It is an integration technique that uses the partial fraction decomposition method to simplify integrand for the evaluation of a given problem through standard integral rules.

Integration by partial fractions is a method used to break down a complex rational function into simpler fractions, making it easier to integrate each part individually. It's particularly useful when dealing with integrals involving rational functions that cannot be integrated directly using basic integration rules.

Additionally, if you would like to find the solution to integral problems that cannot be solved by any other method of integration, you can use our trig substitution calculator. Our calculator also help you solve integrals more efficiently and accurately. It serves as a valuable tool for students and professionals working in calculus and related fields where such integrals are encountered frequently.

Formula used by Partial Integral Calculator

These are rational functions that convert into partial fraction form to integrate these functions easily. The formulas used by our integration by partial fractions calculator are as follows, you can use these forms according to your given expression to get results instantly.

Form of the Rational Function

Form of the partial fraction

Px + q/(x-a)(x-b) , a≠b

A/x-a + B/x-b


A/x-a + B/(x-a)2

px2 + qx + r/(x-a)(x-b)(x-c)

A/x-a + B/x-b + C/x-c

px2 + qx + r/(x-a)2 (x-b)

A/x-a + B/(x-a)2 + C/x-b

px2 + qx + r/(x-a)(x2 + bx + C)

A/x-a + Bx + C/x2 + bx + c


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The equation x2 + bx + c cannot be factorized further.

Evaluation Process of Partial Integration Calculator

The partial integral calculator evaluates the integral problem that has a rational expression like p(x)/q(x) fraction. This calculator checks the nature of a given antiderivative problem, according to the given problem the same partial fraction form is used.

Then the partial fraction integration calculator can factorize the denominator i.e q(x), and equate the numerator. To find the value of A, B, C, etc different methods are used like comparing the coefficient method or equation coefficient of A, B… to zero to get the value of the variable.

After knowing the value of A, B, C etc the integration by partial fractions calculator adds to the decomposition of the partial fractions.

Now the integrand is in the form of the sum of simpler rational functions including constant values of A, B, C, etc. The partial fraction integral calculator solves this rational function using rules of integration and gives the solution of your integral problem easily. Further, If you encounter integrals beyond the scope of partial fraction decomposition, you can utilize our convergent divergent integral calculator for solving integrals with improper or infinite bounds.

Let us examine an example of a partial fraction function to know how this integral partial fraction calculator works.

Example of Integration by Partial Fraction

Partial Fraction can be found by the integration by partial fractions calculator but it is also important to do manual calculations. Here is an example of manual calculation,


Integrate the following:

$$ \int \frac{1}{x^2 - 4} dx $$


$$ \int \frac{1}{x^2 - 4} dx \;=\; \int \frac{1}{(x+2)(x-2)} dx $$

$$ \int \biggr( \frac{A}{x+2} + \frac{B}{x-2} \biggr) dx $$

Add fractions and equate numerator,

$$ Let\;x\;=\; -2 ; \;A(-4) + \;B(0) \;=\; 1 \to \;A\; =\; -\frac{1}{4} $$

$$ Let\;x\;=\;2 ; \;A(0) + B(4) \;=\; 1 \to \;B\;=\; \frac{1}{4} $$

$$ \int \biggr( \frac{-\frac{1}{4}}{x+2} + \frac{\frac{1}{4}}{x-2} \biggr) dx $$

$$ \int \biggr( - (\frac{1}{4}) \frac{1}{x+2} + (\frac{1}{4}) \frac{1}{x-2} \biggr) $$

$$ \frac{1}{4} ln | x+2 | + \frac{1}{4} ln |x-2| + C $$

$$ \frac{1}{4} \biggr( ln |x-2| - ln |x+2| \biggr) + C $$

$$ \frac{1}{4} ln \frac{|x-2|}{|x+2|} + C $$

Thus it is the final solution of our function with specific limits. If you would like to solve definite integral problems of numerical analysis, you can you our simpson error calculator. Our calculator also evulate the area under the curve that divides into n number of elements in a bounded region of the parabola.

How to use Integration by Partial Fractions Calculator

The partial fraction integration calculator with steps has a user-friendly interface which means it is used for the solution of complex integral problems quickly. Follow these steps while using this tool. These steps are:

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  • Enter your certain integral function(definite or indefinite) in the partial integral calculator
  • Select a variable from the given list(x,y,z) through which you want to determine specific expression integral questions.
  • If the integral function is related to the definite then add the upper and lower limits in the partial integration calculator
  • If given an integral question related to indefinite, you don't need to add limit values
  • Press the “Calculate” button to get the solution of the integral problem
  • Recalculate button brings back to the new page for new calculation of the partial fraction integral calculator.

Result from Partial Fraction Integration Calculator

You get the result of the integral partial fraction question after you add input in the integration by partial fractions calculator. It may contain as:

  • Result button provides the solution of the given antiderivative of the partial fraction question
  • Possible steps button provides you with solutions in step-wise process
  • Plot button makes a graph according to the result of the given integral problem from our calculator.

Why do you need Partial Fraction Integral Calculator

The integral partial fraction calculator is a helpful tool for students, engineers, or teachers who take a strong hold on integration by partial fraction concept because partial integral calculator is used in different scientific fields.

You can use this partial integration calculator for making reports, assignments, and research papers where you need to solve tons of examples in a shorter time because you can solve unlimited examples in our tool without any subscription.

For more such tools you can try out definite or indefinite integral calculator easily.

Advantages of using Integral Partial Fraction Calculator

The partial fraction integration calculator provides multiple advantages while using it for getting solutions of complicated integral problems. These advantages are:

Additionally, if you ar looking for more mathematical tools to aid your problem-solving journey? Explore our comprehensive collection of calculators, including our All Calculator, designed to assist you in various mathematical tasks beyond integration by partial fractions.

  • This calculator will give you precise results whenever you give the input function
  • It provides the solution in a fraction of a second.
  • You do not need to do confusing calculations for integration by the partial fraction method
  • It saves your valuable time that you spent on the evaluation process
  • The integration by partial fractions calculator has a simple design so anyone can use it, even a beginner.

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