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Introduction to the Long Division Calculator with steps

A long division integral calculator is an essential tool in solving fundamental integration problems using long division methos. This tool is simple and convenient for users, students, and others. Sometimes the integral problems that are impossible to solve by simple integration method may evaluate in this long division polynomials calculator.

The integration using long division is an available online tool used for doing the long divisions of polynomials and also helps to understand how to do them. Through the polynomial division calculator, you can get the calculation of rational integral function.

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What is Long Division Integration Calculator?

A long-division polynomial calculator will help you to perform the long division of a given function’s dividend and divisor. Moreover, it will also helps in equation solving and provide results for the divisor that creates the quotient. It provides descriptive calculations for long polynomial division with each possible steps for helping students.

integral long division calculator with steps

Additionally, the results provided by this calculator are accurate with simple and descriptive steps. Thus the online integration by division calculator is one of the best tool to solve polynomial integrals online.

Moreover, for solving integral of polynomials, we also offer integration using partial fractions calculator that provide solution in details.

Method to Solve Integration Using Long Division Calculator

The integral long division calculator with steps calculates the divisor and dividend by step-by-step instructions. This polynomial integral calculator uses the following method with step-by-step instructions to solve the problems:

How to do Integration Using Long Division?

The best technique to solve the rational integrand is the use of long division method of integration. Following method is used to solve integration using long division method.

$$ Evalaute \;\;\;\;\;\; \int \frac{x}{x+1} dx $$

First of all, divide x by x+1 because power of expressions are equal to 1.


$$ \frac{x}{x+1} \;=\; 1 + \frac{-1}{x+1} $$

Put it back in integral

$$ \int \frac{x}{x+1} \;=\; \int \left( 1 + \frac{-1}{x+1} \right) dx $$ $$ \int \frac{x}{x+1} \;=\; \int dx - \int \frac{1}{x+1}dx $$ $$ \int \frac{x}{x+1} \;=\; x - ln(x+1) + c $$

But are you facing problems that have complex functions under the integral? Don't worry our integration by parts formula calculator is a solution of your all problems.

How does Long Division of Polynomials Calculator Work?

By following the below steps for the long division integral calculator, you can get the solution to your given problems:


  • Enter the Function in the "Equation Box".
  • Choose the examples from Example Button.
  • Choose Definite integral vs Indefinite Integral for required calculation.
  • Hit the "CALCULATE" button to get the solution.


The results obtained by this integral long division calculator has two different natures.

  • If you chooses the definite integral calculator, it will provide you the exact value of the function in the form of some integers. The results will contain possible intermediate steps and visual representation of area under this specific boundary values.
  • On the other hand, if you choose the indefinite integral calculator, it will provide the integrated function of your integrand along with possible intermediate steps.

Sometimes, the results obtained by our calculator are in detailed due to complex trigonometric integrand, for such type of function must try our trig sub integral calculator. It provide you the solution along with the description of each trigonometric steps.

How to Find the Long Division Integral Calculator?

It is not difficult to find a long division integration calculator. There are two possible ways to find this calculator. These are:

  1. First of all, you can directly search the URL of this calculator i.e. https://integral-calculators.com/long-division-calculator.
  2. Also the second option is to search the calculator by its name as "long division polynomials calculator".

You can either select any of these two methods to find this tool on internet. Also find the most demanding u substitution step by step calculator on this site for free step by step integration of u substitution method.

Benefits of Long Division Calculator

Since long division integral calculator is an essential concept in integral calculus, all rational funtions may solve by using this long division technique. This calculator helps every level of student to understand this concept.

The calculator has the following benefits for its users:

  1. It calculates the problems in a few seconds and solve the functions step by step.
  2. It is a time and energy saving tool for solving rational integral instead of doing manual calculations.
  3. Engineers use the polynomial methods to build the models of roller coasters.
  4. The integral long division calculator allows you to solve different examples for practicing this concept.
  5. It gives you the results in a unique form along with tables.
  6. The results of the long division of polynomials calculator are 100% accurate, reliable and authentic.
  7. It has an easy-to-use interface that make it faster and easier to use.

So, this all about our prominent calculator. Must visit other calculus tools of this site like integral double calculator for mastering the calculus assignments. Also provide your review to make us up to date with your desires.

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