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Introduction to the U Substitution Calculator

The U-Substitution Calculator is a free online available tool for the substitution of integrals. The u-sub calculator is a very convenient tool for finding the integrals. U substitution integration calculator makes it super easier to find the integrals by using it. U sub calculator gives error-free results with in a seconds.

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What is Integration by Substitution Calculator

The U Substitution is a reverse technique of chain rule which is helpful for solving integrals. The method of substituion solve the integral for product of function and its derivative. We have introduced the calculator that uses the method of substitution in integration.

u substitution calculator with steps

This online tool helps to find the integrals of two composite functions. Integration by u substitution calculator with steps is a source to solve definite and indefinite integrals, functions of derivatives, and antiderivatives online.

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Method for U Sub Calculator

The substitution integral calculator generally uses two methods for the evaluation of integrals like antiderivatives and antiderivatives. These methods are:

  1. Transform limit
  2. Re-substitute method

These methods are explained with their corresponding examples.

Example: Consider we have a an integral function 52∫ (x+1)2dx.


Let u = x+1 , Therefore, dx = du

Method 1: Tranform Limits

Substitute x=2 and x=5 into u equation

u = 2+1 = 3 , u = 5+1 = 6


$$ \int_2^5 (x+1)^2 dx \;=\; \int_3^6 u^2 du $$ $$ =\; \left[ \frac{1}{3} u^3 \right]_3^6 $$ $$ =\; \left[ \frac{1}{3} (6)^3 - \frac{1}{3} (3)^3 \right] $$ $$ =\; 72-9 $$ $$ =\; 63 $$

Method 2: Re-substitute method

Drop te limit of integration

$$ \int (x+1)^2 dx \;=\; \int u^2 du $$ $$ =\; \left[ \frac{1}{3} u^3 \right] $$

Re-substitute the u-equation and evaluate with the orignal x limits

$$ =\; \left[ \frac{1}{3} (x+1)^3 \right]_2^5 $$ $$ =\; \left[ \frac{1}{3} (6)^3 - \frac{1}{3} (3)^3 \right] $$ $$ =\; 72-9 $$ $$ =\; 63 $$

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How to Use U-substitution calculator with Steps?

The u substitution calculator with steps follows the following steps to find the integrals. These steps are very easy and by using these steps you can get accurate results.

The substitution integral calculator instructions helps you in finding accurate results for integration in a couple of seconds. The u-sub calculator helps the user to find the integrals. This integral substitution calculator helps the user in finding speedy results instead of spending a lot of time doing manual calculations.

  • Enter the function in the input option or load example from “Examples” option.
  • Choose the type of integration. i.e. either to choose definite or indefinite integral.
  • Select the variable x,y,z w.r.t to which you want to integrate.
  • If you choose the indefinite integral calculator, then hit the calculate button evaluating answers.
  • But if you choose the indefinite integration calculator, then enter the upper and lower bound values.
  • Now Click on “CALCULATE” button for loading the results.

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How to Find Integral Substitution Calculator?

The following steps are followed to find the U Substitution Integration Calculator:

Step 1: Enter the keywords in the search bar.

Step 2: Google shows you some suggestions for the searched calculators.

Step 3: Now select the Integration Calculator website from Google suggestions.

The tool will displays on your screen. Put your requirements to enjoy this free online calculator with steps.

Benefits of U Substitution Integral Calculator

The integration of the u-substitution calculator has the following benefits in identifying integral functions:

  • The u sub calculator will calculate the problems in just a few minutes and solve the integral functions step-by-step.
  • It will keeps you away from complex and hectic manual calculations for complex functions.
  • This calculator determines the complex integrals using the substitution method of functions.
  • The integration substitution calculator evaluates the area of different integral functions.
  • The integration by substitution calculator is a time-saving tool for solving given functions.
  • The results of this calculator are reliable and 100% accurate.
  • This calculator integral u substitution calculator tool is faster and easier.
  • This calculator is easy to use and keeps you away from manual calculations.
  • The integral u-substitution calculator has a user-friendly user interface.

In short, the integrate using u substitution calculator serves as a valuable tool for simplifying integrals, enabling easier calculation of the area under the curve using the integration area calculator. Together, these calculators assist in tackling complex integration problems and determining the numerical values of areas enclosed by curves within specific intervals.

Frequently Asked Question

When u-substitution can be used?

Image result for Benefits of U Substitution Calculator. U-Substitution is a technique we use when the integrand is a composite function. What's a composite function again? Well, the composition of functions is applying one function to the results of another.

Why does substitution work in integration?

Usually, the method of integration by substitution is extremely useful when we make a substitution for a function whose derivative is also present in the integrand. By doing so, the function simplifies and then the basic formulas of integration can be used to integrate the function.

What is u-substitution in calculus?

"Integration by Substitution" (also called "u-Substitution" or "The Reverse Chain Rule") is a method to find an integral, but only when it can be set up specially. The first and most vital step is to be able to write our integral in this form: Note that we have g(x) and its derivative g'(x).