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Introduction to Z Transform Calculator

Z-Transform Calculator is a discrete mathematic tool that is used to find z transform series of complex variables. It evaluates a series that belongs to the real number or complex number into a discrete-time signal that can change into the frequency domain in real time.

The Z-Transform is a mathematical operation used in the analysis of discrete-time signals and systems. It converts a discrete-time signal, which is a sequence of numbers representing samples taken at successive equally spaced points in time, into a complex function of a complex variable.

z transform calculator

The Z-Transform provides valuable insights into the frequency and pole-zero characteristics of discrete-time signals and systems. Additionally, if you would like to be handling complex functions with undefined limits, You can use our transform fourier calculator. It also solves the Fourier complex function with undefined limits in the real value function.

What is Z Transform?

Z Transform is a sequence of series that converts real or complex number sequences into complex frequency domains. It is used in discrete mathematical fields where signals of the time domain into the frequency domain in real-time.

The Z-Transform converts a discrete-time signal, which is a sequence of numbers representing samples taken at successive equally spaced points in time, into a complex function of a complex variable.

The Z-Transform is widely used in digital signal processing, control theory, communication systems, and other fields. Additionally, if you would like to solve differential equations which are mostly used to transform the analysis of the data values, You can use our laplace calculator. Our calculator also has an advanced server of Laplace rules that help you always to give accurate results.

Formula Behind the Z-Transform Calculator

A specific formula is used to find Z transformation problems by the Z transform calculator is given.

$$ X(z) \;=\; \sum_{n= - \infty}^{\infty} x[n]z^{-n} $$

Here Z=X(z) represents z transform,


This formula calculates the Z-transform of a discrete-time signal x[n] with respect to the variable z. For further signal analysis and differential equations, you may also use our laplacian operator calculator. This Calculator assists in solving differential equations and analyzing functions using the Laplace transform.

  • X[n] is the sampling number
  • n is the number of indexing ,n=1,2,3,4….
  • z is the variable of series

Evaluation Method of Z Transformation Calculator

Z-Transform Calculator can use a simple method for the evaluation of the z transform sequence. This tool works on the principle of transformation for different functions (linearity, time shifting, shifting, convolution) from complex frequency signals to real-time signals.

When you put z transform series in this z transformation of functions calculator, it checks all the given values (n,n[x],z) for the calculation of z transform signals. First z power of n(which is a negative indexing number) which is given n=1,2,3… according to that number multiply z in the given indexing number of times.

Then multiply the sampling number x[n] with z^-n value and sum up all the products. At last, the calculator will give the solution of the given z-transform problem. For related calculations involving signal analysis, you may also explore our Fourier Series Calculator to analyze periodic functions.

Let's examine an example of z transform problem to know how our Z transform calculator solves problems.

Example of Z Transform

An example of Z transform is given below,


Find the z-transform of the following:

$$ y(n) \;=\; x(n+3) \;u(n) $$


The discrete-time sequence is,

$$ y(n) \;=\; x(n+3) \;u(n) $$

From the definition of the z-transform:

$$ Z[ y(n)] - Y(z) - Z[x(n+3) u(n)] $$

$$ Y(z) \;=\; \sum_{n = 0}^{\infty} \biggr[ x(n+3) u(n) \biggr] z^{-n} \;=\; \sum_{n=0}^{\infty} x(n+3) z^{-n} $$

Let (n+3) = m, then n = (m-3),

$$ Y(z) \;=\; \sum_{m=3}^{\infty} x(m) z^{-(m-3)} \;=\; z^3 \biggr[ \sum_{m=3}^{\infty} x(m) z^{-m} \biggr] $$

$$ Y(z) \;=\; z^3 \biggr[ \sum_{m=0}^{\infty} x(m) z^{-m} - x(0) - x(1) z^{-1} \biggr] $$

$$ Y(z) \;=\; z^3 X (z) - z^3 x(0) - zx(1) $$

Thus it is the final solution of our function with specific limits. Solve this example further, you can apply the inverse Laplace transform. This will convert the given expression from the Laplace domain back to the time domain. You can use our inverse Laplace transform calculator to perform this conversion efficiently.

How to Use Z Transform Calculator

Z-Transform Calculator is an easy-to-use tool for the calculation of complex variables or both real number sequences of series, follow our guidelines before using it.

  • Enter z variable series in the input field
  • Enter n indexing number in its relevant field
  • Enter sampling number in its field.
  • Click on calculate button to get the solution of the z-transform problem.

Outcomes Obtained from Z Transformation of Functions Calculator

Z Transformation Calculator gives the result of a given problem of complex variable series within a second after you give input in it.

  • Result box

It gives you a solution of your required z-transform problem

  • Steps box

It will explain the given result in steps

  • Recalculate box

It allows you to solve more evaluations of transformation questions

Advantages of Using Z Transform Calculator

Z transformation of functions calculator provides multiple advantages when you use it for the calculation of transform signal processing questions into the frequency domain. These advantages are:

For an extensive collection of mathematical tools and calculators, including integral calculators, visit our all calculators section.

  • Z Transformation Calculator is a time-saving tool because it gives results of a given problem quickly.
  • It provides you with accurate solutions of z transform questions.
  • It is a user-friendly interface so anyone can use it for the calculation of z transformation.
  • You can do tons of evaluations without any limited

Application of Z-Transform Calculator

Z transform calculator can be used in daily life applications. It is used in the scientific field, engineering, and tech fields.

For further exploration of mathematical tools commonly used in these applications, you can also utilize an calculate integral with steps to compute definite and indefinite integrals, which are fundamental in signal processing, system theory, and control theory.

  • Signal processing
  • Digital filters for system theory
  • System analysis and design
  • Telecommunication controls

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